Thursday, December 6, 2012

2 Amazing Things in my life!

1. The amazingness of my amazing state where anyone can marry their best friend!

2. The amazingness of my amazing job where we really are a family!

And something to think about:

I was at Pastor Linda's Bible Study at Mary's Place on Wednesday, and I haven't been able to go very often recently because we changed my schedule around, but I happened to have extra time this week so I joined! We were talking about Advent, and waiting, and hoping, and Pastor said something that wasn't part of her planned topics, but it really caught my attention! She said "If I knew God's plans for my life, if I could see them laid out in order, I would probably try to manipulate them!" I was like ....ohhhhhh! That is something I've been worried about for most of my life, like how am I supposed to know what God wants me to do, and why can't it just be straight-forward so I can do it right? Duh, cause I'm a control freak and I most certainly would try to control it if I knew what it was! Or I would congratulate myself on what a great plan I had after a successful execution, and I would forget that it wasn't my plan in the first place!

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